School of Design

Creating extraordinary artists.

Learning Here

The University school of design at Desh Bhagat is an ecosystem of diverse philosophies and practices bestowing students with a productive platform to nurture their lifelong passion for creative engagement. The studio based education here refines each prospective design artist to challenge conventional ideas, be agile and engage in a continual process of enquiry and exploration. A comprehensive curriculum encompasses each specialization in an ambit of the latest industrial trends and commercial scenarios whether it is Fashion TechnologyAnimation and Multi-MediaInterior Design or Art and craft.

Life on Campus

The university campus has a thriving community of students, academicians, researchers and guest faculty that continually engage in their academic pursuits with a kind of zeal that also squeezes in brainstorming, mind mapping and envisaging the future. Countless extracurricular activities, conferences, seminars, workshops, guest lectures and other community initiatives make life on campus an everlasting memory of joy. The serene environment provides a fertile ground to be mindful and engage in creative endeavours amidst world class facilities, infrastructure and resources. The comprehensive study at the university will fine tune you to an extent where you will find yourself working wonders with your designing talent, vision, determination and ambition.

Design as a Career Choice

A design students can be a part of a range of industries. Fine arts opens avenues to work with sculptures, installations, drawings, painting or moving images. While, fashion technology offers a range of opportunities whether you would like to establish your own enterprise or work with an established fashion brand whereby students are found to assume responsibilities like CAD designing, analysing and forecasting fashion trends, constructing garments, pattern drafting, liaising with buying and production, merchandizing and other like marketing and fashion management. Interior Designers are found to work with interior design contracts with ships, cinema foyers, retails, residential, hotel, public and civil buildings.

What you will learn at DBU:

  • Conceptualization
  • Visual Aptitude
  • Research and forecasting
  • Inspiration
  • Analysis and team work